I'm Dina, a SW London based cake designer.

Nature is my inspiration. Cakes are a form of art to me and buttercream is like a canvas. I hope to share my art and passion with you one day!


I've always been quite keen on the environment in my personal life so I couldn't imagine doing things differently in my sustainable small business either. I sometimes go to extremes when it comes to zero waste ideas, experiment with environmentally friendly and natural ingredients unusual to cake designing and always prefer organic fruits and vegetables sourced from local producers.

I’m striving to achieve quality and style in a sustainable and healthy way that is not only beneficial for us but hopefully to the planet as well. Any of us who does the same knows that this is tough and has certain limits but I think the most important thing is to just start and make an effort.

Cakes & leaves is the story of my creative journey on the road to achieving sustainability at as many levels as possible for a cake business.