vegan lime and dark chocolate avocado cream

hibiscus and strawberry curd with beetroot powder

matcha green tea italian meringue buttercream

sweet and sour cheesecake frosting on fluffy orange sponge

earl grey and vanilla swiss meringue buttercream with earl grey lemon sponge

salted caramel fudge with raw cane sugar and bourbon whiskey

home made lavender syrup with dark chocolate mousse

chestnut mousse with crunchy caramelised walnuts

pistachio ganache with lemon ricotta cream

cardamom and blueberry sponge

classic guinness cake topped with sweet and sour cream cheese frosting

white chocolate and strawberry mousse with pink peppercorn

citrus and poppy seed genoise sponge with citrus curd

dark chocolate, nutmeg and roasted hazelnut sponge

subtle orange and vanilla chiffon cake

japanese yuzu and black sesame seed cake